“A Lame Sermon Illustration…”



This definitely does not fall under the category of deep, deep theology, but it is kind of cool. I was editing a sermon by Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas and while reviewing the waveforms looking for anomalies to remove, I came across this particular waveform when he said the word, “Word.”

The book of John refers to Christ as “The Word” and in the most quoted verse in all scripture, John 3:16, Jesus reveals the Father's love in that He sent His only begotten Son to redeem us for his own.

Sometimes, a little reminder can make all the difference. How deep and abiding is the love of God on us, His chosen. Rest in His love, my friends. And while you are at it, go tell someone what He has done for you in saving you from your sins.

And most of all … May He receive all glory and honor for his marvelous gift.

P. S. Props to Todd Friel and all the gang at Wretched Radio for the post title!