“What Bob Dylan Got Right” by John Piper


Slow Train ComingOkay. I have never been a big fan of Bob Dylan. I know, I know! He supposed to be one of the greatest songwriters ever but his work never really did much for me. That is until 1979.

When I first heard that Bob Dylan had a new album back then, I just kind of ignored it. But then I heard “Gotta Serve Somebody” on WLVA in Lynchburg, VA, and  I couldn't believe I was hearing truth like this on a secular radio station. It was certainly an enlightening moment.

Fast forward to this morning. I checked my email and saw this in my inbox from Desiring God,

What Bob Dylan Got Right

In contrast to most of Bob Dylan's work, I love John Piper's work. God has used John Piper's work in a profound way to draw me closer to Himself and to realize that the Christian life is not about rules and regulations but about loving God with everything I am and enjoying Him and not just all of the benefits He has blessed me with. When we become a slave to Him, that is where true freedom lies.