On Thanksgiving, after a wonderful time with my family, my son Daniel and I met up with our friends Dennis, Chris, Trish, and Josh and went to our local Best Buy to street preach and evangelize, while people stood in line to wait for the store to open the next morning. Talk about a captive audience!

After a couple of engaging one on one encounters, a few of our guys got up to do some street preaching (including my son Daniel, who is growing in Christ right before my eyes, and I just couldn’t be happier!). At the end, Dennis stood back up on the stool and asked if there were any questions. All of a sudden a man toward the back of the line shouted out something at Dennis that I did not fully understand but apparently was a derogatory comment since Dennis said “That’s not a question, Sir!”

The man then proceeded to get out of line and walk in our general direction, yelling and cursing us as he went. When he realized that Trish was filming the encounter, he started toward her and she stopped the video. He then left the scene.

The next thing we knew, Chris was warning us to get out of the way and that man came dangerously close to running us over with the car! One thing is for certain, since the world hated Christ before us, why should we expect anything different? We are so blessed in this country to be able to preach the Gospel without any legal restraint from the government (at least that’s what the Constitution says!) because so many millions down through the ages have been persecuted, tortured, and even murdered for their faith. After the consideration that Christ Himself suffered immensely for our salvation, is it not reasonable that we suffer for His sake? This kind of makes today’s evangelical pragmatism seem trivial and trite.

Many so-called evangelicals are taking a much too pragmatic view of their Christianity and in the process are not engaging the truth with anyone in this culture. When we preach our transgression of the law, we should expect opposition. This is a culture that does not desire to know God and as such will fight it at any cost. Aldous Huxley, the noted humanist, author of “Brave New World,” and who was sometimes considered the “spiritual father” of the hippie movement, wrote in his book “Ends and Means,”

“I wanted to believe the Darwinian idea. I chose to believe it, not because I think there was enormous evidence for it, nor because I believed it had the full authority to give interpretation to my origins, but I chose to believe it because it delivered me from trying to find meaning and freed me to my own erotic passions.”

Without any moral law, man is subject only to his own passions. This is why the Gospel is so offensive to the unregenerate. They have no means of understanding unless God Himself brings life to their dead spirit. This is only accomplished in the “foolishness of preaching.” God only uses the Gospel to raise men’s spirits from the dead and we are the means which He uses to bring this about.

I am honored, blessed and humbled to be a bond-servant of Jesus Christ. Just like the Apostle Paul, I know that in my flesh dwells no good thing but it is Christ who has brought me to life and is using me to speak truth into people’s lives. This is the “Brave New World” of evangelism! Let’s use every means possible to reach as many people as we can for Christ, while we still have the open door.