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2 thoughts on “Speaking In Tongues?

  1. I have to disagree with you on this! while there are many abuses of spiritual gifts, it doesnt mean the real thing doesnt exist. the Bible clearly says the spiritual gifts will pass away “when that which is perfect is come.” it has not come because “then shall we see face to face” – which we dont. “then we shall know even as we are known.” and we dont yet. the gifts of the Spirit are evidence of the presence of the Spirit. and He chooses when to manifest and how to manifest. the suggestion that tongues was for spreading the gospel to other countries is error, because Paul said “he that speaks in an unknown tongue, speaks to God and not man.” on the day of pentecost, there was only one person preaching – Peter. he preached – not in tongues – but in his native tongue. the people understood because they were also Jews, altho they came from different countries. they heard the disciples praising God in the languages of the countries they came from and it got their attention. but the disciples were not preaching. they didnt even know what they were saying! a person who speaks in an unknown tongue does not know what he is saying. I have not heard many true examples of speaking in tongues, but I have experienced it, with outside proof. there is good reason for each of the gifts of the Spirit, but the church today is too self-sufficient, going in our own strength and our own wisdom.

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