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Greg Rice Sings

Musings from a seeker of truth … John 17:17
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Wretched Sinner. Repentant. Miraculously Forgiven. Totally Unworthy. Blessed Beyond Belief. Devoted. Disciple. Child of God. Former Child of Wrath. Husband. Father. Musician. Hopeless Tech Junkie. Extremely Grateful.


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Greg Rice

You are truly a gifted vocalist, sincere in your faith and deep in your concern for others.”

Event Host:

John Parker, Minister Of Music, Austin Baptist Church, Austin, TX

Evensong Productions

Evensong Productions” is a team of audio and web design professionals that provide audio production and recording services for artists, national radio programs, ministries, & associations producers all over the country.

Founded in 1999 as the production arm of the music ministry of Greg Rice, we work on projects as a producer, arranger, recording engineer, Digital Performer guru and WordPress Consultant. I have a “hands-on” approach to production, where along with my team, we work together to accomplish your goals.

For more information, please visit evensong.pro.

Greg Rice would love to share his music ministry with you. Although he has an active schedule, he’s not too busy. However, the rest is up to you.

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