Musings from a seeker of truth … John 17:17


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Released September 1, 1992

Produced by Greg Rice

Tracks engineered by Keith Compton, Doug Sarrett, Steven Ray Pinkston, Ennis Ryan, Dennis Ritchie, Rex Lake, and Greg Rice

Vocals engineered by Rex Lake.

Tracks recorded at Hummingbird Studios, Stargem Studios, Great Circle Sound, Quad Studios, Oak Valley Studio, Nashville, TN, and Lake Sound, Keller, TX

Art Direction – Russell Lake

Photography – Frank Skipper

Vocals and additional overdubs were recorded at Lake Sound, Keller, TX.

Rhythm arrangements by Steve Potts, Don Koch, Dave Clark, and Greg Rice

Brass and String arrangements by Steve Potts, Russell Mauldin, Lari Goss, and Greg Rice

Vocal Arrangements by Greg Rice

Drums: John Hammond and Steve Grossman
Drum Programming: Greg Rice
Bass: Duncan Mullins, Craig Nelson, and Glenn Worf
Keyboards: Steve Potts, Don Koch, Gary Prim, David Hamilton, Bo Cooper and Greg Rice
Additional Keyboard overdubs: Don Koch and Greg Rice
Acoustic Guitar: Bruce Watkins, Bobby All, and Greg Rice
Electric Guitar: Pete Bordonali, Dennis Dearing, Gary Burnette, Mike Severs, and Greg Rice
Brass: Sam Levine, Mike Haynes, Chris McDonald, Barry Green, Tim McClintock, and Kent Vincent
Orchestra: Carl Gordetzsky and the Nashville String Machine
Percussion: Farrell Morris and Keith Rice
Sax solos on “What’s Best For Me”: Sam Levine
Acoustic and Electric Guitar Solos on “Emily Ann”: Greg Rice
Trumpet and Flugelhorn solos: Tim McClintock
Flute Solos: Lino Lopez
Background Vocals by Vonda Vincent, Kristi Harless, Melissa Brown, Carol Holland, Carey Dean, Kyle Hargrove, Scot Cameron, Allen Conley, Phil Rice, and Greg Rice.

A Servant’s Heart

Greg Rice


“Do we long to have a love that will allow the Lord to start
To create within us A Servant’s Heart?”

In 1992, Greg Rice unveiled a musical journey that delves into the depths of devotion and humility with his album “A Servant’s Heart.” Rooted in a profound desire for spiritual transformation, the album’s title track encapsulates the yearning for a love that invites our God to mold and shape within each of us the essence serving others. With soul-stirring melodies and poignant lyrics, each track resonates with themes of faith, reverence, and surrender. From the exaltation in “May Our God Forever Reign” to the heartfelt longing of “I Bowed On My Knees And Cried, Holy,” Greg’s musical offering invites listeners to embark on a journey of introspection and reverence, ultimately reaffirming the enduring power of service and devotion.

  1. May Our God Forever Reign
  2. I Just Cry, Holy
  3. A Servant’s Heart
  4. Emily Ann
  5. The Church Will Stand
  6. What’s Best For Me
  7. Restore The Glory
  8. All For The Asking
  9. Daystar (Shine Down On Me)
  10. I Bowed On My Knees And Cried, Holy

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