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When I Get Home

Greg Rice


“Time will have no meaning there in a land of no ‘goodbyes,’ O it’s good to know, I’ll see you When I Get Home”

“Immerse yourself in the timeless melodies and heartfelt lyrics of ‘When I Get Home,’ the soul-stirring album by Greg Rice, released in 1994. With each track, Greg invites listeners on a journey of faith, hope, and eternal love. From the uplifting anthem ‘Sing A New Song’ to the poignant ballad ‘When I Get Home,’ this album resonates with the promise of a joyful reunion beyond earthly bounds. Join Greg Rice on this musical odyssey, where every note is a testament to the enduring power of belief and the assurance of a divine homecoming.


  1. Sing A New Song
  2. Favorite Song Of All
  3. Why
  4. I Will Be Here
  5. I’d Rather Have Jesus
  6. When Praise Demands A Sacrifice
  7. There Is A Mountain
  8. Where There Is Faith
  9. Go There With You
  10. Rest
  11. Midnight Cry
  12. When I Get Home

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WHEN I GET HOME is dedicated in loving memory to:
Ernest Glen and Mary Elizabeth Rice (Greg’s grandparents )
Howard Keith and Ferna Mae Illsley (Greg’s wife Linda’s grandparents)
Griffin Tatum III (faithful supporter of Greg’s ministry)
Tom Ritchie (Bus driver for LBC Singers and dear friend of Greg’s)
Rev. Lyman Jones (Missionary to Africa and dear friend of Linda’s family)
Tyler Paul McCollum (Infant son of Greg and Linda’s dear friends whom they lost in a tragic automobile accident)
Leah Caitlyn Sullivan (daughter of dear friends of Greg and Linda’s who was stillborn)


Released June 1, 1994

Produced by Gregory P. Rice

Credits for “I Will Be Here”, “There Is A Mountain”, “Rest”, and “When I Get Home”

Tracks engineered by Rex Lake and Gregory Rice
Vocals engineered by Rex Lake
Mixed by Rex Lake and Gregory Rice
Recorded at Lake Sound, Roanoke, TX
Rhythm, orchestral, and vocal arrangements Gregory Rice
Drum and track programming, acoustic guitar, and vocals by Gregory Rice
Background vocals on “There Is A Mountain” by Scot Cameron, Gary Harris, and Nic Val (The “Unacquainted” Quartet!)

“Sing A New Song” recorded courtesy of Gary Harris

All other tracks courtesy of Praise Hymn Soundtracks

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