Musings from a seeker of truth … John 17:17


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Released March 1, 2002

Produced and Engineered by Gregory P. Rice for Evensong Productions, Inc.

Lead Vocals Engineered by Tim Johns

Recorded at Evensong Productions, North Richland Hills, Texas and Lake Sound, Keller, Texas

Photography by Frank Skipper

Art Direction by David Willie

Arranged and Orchestrated by Greg Rice and Robert Elkins
Piano and Electric Piano – Robert Elkins and Greg Rice
Keyboard and Drum Programming – Greg Rice and Robert Elkins
Electric Guitar – Tom Burchill and Greg Rice
Trumpet – Rick Vaughn, Cal Lewiston, and Tim McClintock
Background Vocals – Greg Rice and The “Hey, You Guys Wanna Be On A CD?” Singers*

* The “Hey, You Guys Wanna Be On A CD?” Singers
Tracy Brown, Gail Chiofalo, Del Howard, Vickie Jeffus, Eddie Johnson, Jim Norman, Ramona Norman, John “Vernon” Parker, Mindee Purchase, Keith Rice, Phil Rice, Maxie Sledge, Doug Terry, and Kristie Tillman

From The Lord

Greg Rice


“My strength is renewed like an eagle in flight
That soars over valleys so great and so wide
When the wind of the Spirit blows under my wings
I’m lifted to places where angels reside.


Introducing “From The Lord” by Greg Rice, released in 2002. This collection of soul-stirring melodies is a testament to the unwavering faith and profound connection our Lord. With tracks like “We Believe” and “Beginning With You,” Greg channels his joy, hope, and strength in the Lord, delivering messages of praise and gratitude through songs like “All Glory And Honor” and “Crucified With Christ.” Each track invites listeners to immerse themselves in the power of praise, to come closer to the divine presence as they journey through “Forgetfulness Sea” and reflect on the grace that guides their path in “Were It Not For Grace.” “From The Lord” is not just an album; it’s a spiritual journey, a reminder of the enduring power of faith and the transformative nature of divine love.


  1. We Believe
  2. Beginning With You
  3. All Glory And Honor
  4. All That Falls Away
  5. Apple Of My Eye
  6. Crucified With Christ
  7. The Power Of Praise
  8. Come On In
  9. Forgetfulness Sea
  10. Were It Not For Grace
  11. These Are They
  12. From The Lord

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