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A Servant's Heart
A Servant’s Heart
When I Get Home
When I Get Home
From The Lord
From The Lord
I Love To Tell The Story
I Love To Tell The Story







Greg Rice is a seasoned musician with a diverse repertoire spanning four solo recording projects: “A Servant’s Heart,” “When I Get Home,” “From The Lord,” and “I Love To Tell The Story.” Each album encapsulates his unique musical journey, offering listeners a rich tapestry of melodies and lyrics to explore. From heartfelt ballads to soul-stirring anthems, Greg’s music resonates with sincerity and depth, inviting audiences to embark on a soulful exploration of faith, love, and life’s profound experiences.

Available through our online music store and other major online music stores, each album and song is easily accessible with a simple click on the album cover or song title, providing instant immersion into Greg’s captivating musical universe. Whether seeking solace in poignant melodies or upliftment through inspiring lyrics, listeners can seamlessly navigate Greg’s musical landscape and discover the profound stories woven within each composition.



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