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Crafting Musical Excellence

Greg Rice’s musical journey extends beyond his solo ventures, encompassing a rich tapestry of collaborative projects where his talents shine in various capacities. Whether as a vital member of a group, a meticulous producer, a visionary arranger, a masterful track programmer, a skilled engineer, or a versatile session vocalist, Greg brings a dynamic energy and unparalleled expertise to every endeavor he undertakes. His contributions resonate with a blend of creativity, precision, and passion, leaving an indelible mark on each recording he touches.

With a diverse skill set and an unwavering dedication to his craft, Greg embodies the essence of musical versatility. From shaping intricate sonic landscapes to infusing soulful vocals, Greg’s artistry knows no bounds, consistently pushing the boundaries of sonic innovation while remaining true to the essence of the music. In every role he assumes, Greg’s commitment to excellence and his innate ability to elevate any project make him an indispensable force within the realm of music production and performance.

Kristi Kinsey Brown – Come Home


Kristi Kinsey Brown is a Vocalist and Women’s Ministry Leader from Lakeland, Florida.

Greg’s Contribution: Producer, Arranger and Orchestrator, Session Vocalist, Duet Vocal On “In All Of His Glory,” Acoustic Guitar On “Come Home.”


  • Give God The Glory
  • We Give You This Place
  • In All Of His Glory
  • I Know He Understands
  • Waymaker
  • It’s Only Thunder
  • In This House
  • In The Presence Of Jehovah
  • I Need You
  • Come Home

Jeff McLeod and Friends – Worship The King


Jeff McLeod is a Worship Pastor,, Radio Producer, and Recording Studio Owner based in Conway, AR.

Greg’s Contribution: Vocal Arranger, Vocal Session Leader and Vocalist, Solo Vocal on “The Spirit Of Christmas”


  • A Merry Christmas Song
  • Joy, The King Is Born
  • Crown You King
  • King Jesus, Reign
  • King Of The Ages
  • The Spirit Of Christmas
  • My Christmas Wish
  • Happy Birthday, Jesus
  • Rejoice, The Lord Is Here
  • Prince Of Peace
  • Cure For The Christmas Blues
  • Worship The King

The Mark Tonelli Group


Mark Tonelli is an internationally renowned musician and educator from Decatur, IL whose career is characterized by innovation and entrepreneurship.

Greg’s Contribution: Session and Mixing Engineer


  • Night Shadows
  • Nine Miles From Home
  • Free
  • Sluppy
  • The Inner Game

945 Band – It’s A Gift


The 945 Band was the worship band at Fellowship United Methodist Church in Trophy Club, Texas.

Greg’s Contribution: Tracking and Mixing Engineer


  • Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
  • Our Hope For The Future
  • It’s A Gift
  • To Walk This Road
  • Which Way My Lord
  • Sing To The Lord a New Song
  • It’s Me Again
  • Holy, Holy, Holy!
  • Come To The Table
  • Open Up Your Eyes
  • Bow My Head Before You
  • The Lord’s Prayer

Ray Boltz – The Altar


Ray Boltz is a Christian musician who has sold four million records.​

He is currently retired and lives in Florida. (Disclaimer – The inclusion of this project in this list is not to be considered an endorsement of Ray’s lifestyle. We pray that the Lord will open his eyes and draw him to repentance.)

Greg’s Contribution: Session Vocalist on “I Will Praise the Lord” and “Feel the Nails”


  • I Will Praise the Lord
  • The Altar
  • O I O U
  • The Hammer
  • Let’s Begin Again
  • Power to Love
  • Isaiah 53
  • Nobody’s Home
  • I Still Love You
  • Feel the Nails

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