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“Proof: The Bible is Supernatural

If someone claimed that the Declaration of Independence is a brilliant document, all we need to do is study the Declaration itself to draw our own conclusion. Similarly, all we need to do is read the pages of the Bible to determine if it is indeed supernatural.

The New Testament claims that the Old Testament is loaded with fuzzy pictures that are actually pictures of Jesus Christ.

  • Jesus is the Ark
  • Jesus is the Door
  • Jesus is the Water
  • Jesus is the Bread
  • Jesus is the Bronze Serpent
  • Jesus is Tabernacle
  • Jesus is the Sabbath
  • Jesus is 7 Festivals
  • Jesus is the I AM

Jesus Unmaskedreveals over thirty Old Testament stories that point to Jesus Christ Himself. What were once shadowy pictures of redemption in the Old Testament became a Technicolor reality when Jesus Christ was born.

Prepare to meet Jesus in the Old Testament. Prepare to take a whirlwind tour through the Bible and see the perfect, brilliant harmony that proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that God wrote a book.

Only God could write one story through dozens of authors over thousands of years about one man without a single contradiction. Jesus Unmasked proves that God wrote a book and you can stake your eternity on it.

From Wretched

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Personally, I am so glad that my standing in Christ is not based on the way I “feel”! It is based solely on His act of obedience to His Father by laying down His life for the taking away of the sin of the world!

Let's face it. Some Sunday mornings, I don't “feel” like getting up and going to church. I would much rather stick my head back under the covers and just hide away from the rest of the world. But in the grand scheme of things, does that even matter? Do we serve Christ because He makes us “feel” good? Or do we serve Him because He deserves all of our praise, no matter how that makes us “feel”?

Because of Christ's obedience, we are now righteous in the sight of God, not by our own works of righteousness, but solely on the work of Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. Because of that, we now have the righteousness of Christ imputed on our behalf. In other words, the infinite sin debt we owed to God has been wiped clean by the righteousness of Christ. So now, we have the power to become the sons of God! What a magnificent Savior!

Now, getting out of bed just seems like a trivial thing compared to Christ's work, but it is the first step in serving Him. He is also so much more worthy of songs that tell of His matchless worth, not some overly romanticized song styling. Talk about trivializing the wonders of the deep abiding love of Christ. All true worship leads to a better understanding of God's holiness, righteousness and grace.

Worship styles are not the issue here. Contemporary worship songs can contain rich lyrical content and when they do, it is a joy to hear them. Just don't let the style become the focal point. If Christ is not the center of our worship, we are worshiping an idol.